Attribute-Based Broadcast Encryption

Back from Chicago, it is now time to put online our DRM’10 paper, co-written with Alexandre Karlov of Nagravision SA. The workshop ran quite smoothly: the first keynote talk was given by Moni Naor, who showed some unexpected and interesting links between cryptographic traitor tracing and privacy issues in databases. The second keynote talk was given by  Warren Lieberfarb, known as the the “father of DVD” and a former president of  Warner Home Video, on his views of the future interactions between the Internet and the motion picture industry.

Talk at #days

I am fortunate enough to give a talk at #days, a security conference organized by the DEFCON Switzerland association and scheduled November 3-6, 2010, at the Radisson BLU hotel in Lucerne (Switzerland).Hashdays Logo

My talk will focus on the security of open-source cryptography libraries, mainly when used on embedded platforms. Here is its abstract:

In this talk, we will discuss the (low-level) security of common open-source general-purpose cryptographic libraries, like OpenSSL and sisters, towards various types of side-channel attacks. Although bringing a rather adequate practical security when used on high-end architectures, like desktop and server ones, using such libraries to secure applications running on embedded platforms is more than problematic, as we will show using several practical examples. For instance, we will demonstrate that most open-source cryptographic code runs in time dependent on secret values, like RSA private keys, for instance. We propose to discuss how an attacker can leverage this knowledge by mounting practical timing attacks, or by exploiting other physical leakages, which is information that is most of the time quite easily to obtain on embedded platforms. Finally, we will describe several best-practice techniques of secure programming that are currently almost never applied in common open-source cryptographic libraries.