strong.codesI am very excited to announce that, together with my colleagues Johan Wehrli and Julien Rinaldini , we are launching a company,, which will be active in the domain of software protection. The main goal of is to commercialize strong.protect, an evolution of our long-time research project Obfuscator-LLVM, and offer services around its use.

strong.protect integrates innovative software protection methods, such as code obfuscation and tamper-proofing, code watermarking, anti-debugging tricks insertion, jailbreak and emulation detection, etc., in one of the most powerful compilation frameworks of the moment. The goal of strong.protect is to help its users to fight software piracy by making it much more expensive and complicated.

Note that we will continue to maintain the free and open-source version Obfuscator-LLVM, which will have to be considered as a light version of strong.protect.


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