Remember about the following recurrent scenario: you are writing some paper using \LaTeX with one or several colleagues, you edit the paper on your side and you would like to send the updated version to the others, emphasizing the changes you made in such a manner that your colleagues can quickly figure out what was updated. You can rely on the *nix common tool diff, or on the diff-ing capabilities of your preferred text editor. This is what I did until recently.

A colleague of mines had the excellent idea to show me the latexdiff tool, which is freely available on CTAN. Here is a small sample of its capabilites: let’s assume that I received the following LaTeX document (text shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia), rendering to

After several corrections, the final version should sound something like

Using the simple command

latexdiff uncorrected.tex corrected.tex > diff.tex

we get the following:

latexdiff will definitively be part of my toolbox from now on!

Web 2.0

It was about time to enter into the Web 2.0 era and to dust my website off… A backup of the old version, now stored in my archives forever, a fresh installation of the recently released WordPress 3.0 (aka Thelonious) equipped with a few useful plugins, a (slighty customized version of a) nice theme due to Niyaz, and I’ll be able to easily write stuff like  \frac{\pi_0\Pr_{X\leftarrow \mathsf{D}_0}[X=x]}{\pi_1\Pr_{X\leftarrow \mathsf{D}_1}[X=x]} … Cute, isn’t it ? I still don’t know what I am going to write using this nice tool, but future will tell!